Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2021

With 2020 behind us there is no where to look but forward! We have had plenty of time to come up with an in-depth list of the best vaporizers of 2021.

So what are the top dry herb vapes of the new year? Below is a compiled list of the best dry herb portable and desktop vaporizers of 2021.

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Most Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

When you think about portability not only are you thinking about how small something is but also the weight and how long it may be able to last on a single charge. The PAX 3 checks all of those boxes. Standing at only 4” tall and weighing less than 3.5 oz this thing is perfect for on the go, and let’s not forget that it can go for 8-10 session on a single charge.


Pax 3 Vaporizer


The PAX 3 has a 10 year warranty on their device, so not only are they a reliable device, but they back it up with a huge warranty.

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The PAX 3 is a dry herb and wax vaporizer, so no matter what you prefer, both will work in this vaporizer. It comes with a concentrate insert that makes loading the concentrates easy and reduces the mess. It also comes with a half-pack lid that allows you to use only half a chamber of dry herbs, great for micro-dosing. Whatever your preference is this device is very easy to get clouds from, with only a short inhale you will get full milky clouds.


1. Use with both herb and concentrate
2. Extremely portable
3. Quick heating time
4. 10-year warranty
5. Easy to clean


1. Single-button temperature control
2. Doesn’t hit as hard 
3. Doesn’t taste as good as a convection vape.

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Most Compact Dry Herb Vaporizer

It says it all in the name! The DaVinci Miqro is the smallest dry herb vaporizer we have set our eyes on. It is just over 3” tall, about the size of your average smartphone in height, not to mention it is also about half the width. Making this miqro vaporizer fit almost anywhere you put it.


Davinci Miqro

Replaceable battery

The Miqro offers what a lot of portable vaporizers don’t, and that is the replaceable 18350 battery. Because of its size, it only delivered 4-5 sessions on a single charge which is not bad but now with the replaceable battery, you can be ready whenever it does die. Eventually, when you do have to charge your device it will take roughly 45 minutes -2 hours depending on the charging source.

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DaVinci has produced the smallest vaporizer on the market, but that doesn’t mean that they left out any details. The Miqro has two different temperature settings to choose from, one being the smart path mode and the other precision mode. With smart path mode, there are 4 preset temperature setting that makes it quick to choose from. The precision temperature is where you can pick by the degree at what temperature you want to vape from and is shown through the LED lighting on the front of the device.


1. Ceramic airpath

2. On-demand controls

3. Removable batteries

4. Haptic feedback


1. Slow charge up time

2. Short battery life

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Easiest Vaporizer to use

With just a couple pushes of some buttons this vaporizer can turn on and off and change temperature by a single degree. Not only are the buttons easy and you can easily see what you are doing, but the mouthpiece is magnetic making loading and cleaning simple.


Airvape X

Simple Interface

The AirVape X comes with the simple buttons, an up and down arrows and a power button.The large LED screen on the AirVape X makes it easy to see the temperature, tell the battery percentage and even counts down until the auto shuts off. This interface allows the users to adjust their sessions and customize them to their liking. 

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Hybrid heating 

The AirVape X uses a hybrid heating technique that combines both conduction and convection heating to alloy the entire herb to heat evenly. Not only does this type of heating produce consistent cloud production, but you do not have to stir your herb in the middle of your session. Along with making your sessions easier it also allows for fast heat up with it reaching your set temperature in 20 seconds.


1. Large LED display

2. Concentrate and dry herb compatible

3. Slim design

4. Hybrid heating

5. Simple to use


1. Not very discreet

2. Not the best with concentrates

3. Battery life could be better

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Best Beginners vaporizer

The Boundless CFC 2.0 allows new and seasoned users to have an easy vaping experience thanks to the large chamber and easily adjustable temperature controls. It is a vape that is not too expensive, but will allow new users the pleasure of experiencing everything vaporizers have to offer. 


Boundless CFC 2.0

Water Pipe Adaptable

This is a perfect addition if you are already using a water pipe for your dry herbs, and if you are not this will help cool down and filter your vapor. The addition of the adapter allows the user to decide which way they would like to vape their dry herb, it allows beginners to work their way into using just the vaporizer. 

Large temperature range

The Boundless CFC 2.0 is a perfect vaporizer to find the exact temperature you want. It has a temperature range from 140°F - 446°F allowing you to adjust accordingly whether you want large clouds or tasty vapor the SFS2.0 can make it happen.


1. Easy to use

2. Precise temperature control

3. Water pipe adaptability

4. Compact


1. It can get warm through the session

2. Long charge time

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Best Battery Life

There's only one vaporizer that comes to mind when thinking of the battery life, the Arizer Solo2. This vaporizer is like a workhorse, it can last up to 3 hours on a single charge and even when it dies it allows for pass through charging so you’ll never have to stop vaping!


Arizer Solo 2

Battery capability

The size of this vaporizer definitely plays a role in the longevity of this vaporizer. With a 18650 3400mAh battery, the Solo 2 has an impressive 3 hours use time! That makes this vaporizer easy to bring with you wherever you go and know it is going to be ready for you. Not only does it last it heats up in a mear 20 seconds and can reach the highest temperature in 30 seconds.

The Solo 2 comes with a variety of different glass stems. The glass air path allows the vapor to deliver great flavor as it does not collect other materials like it would from a plastic mouthpiece. Not only do the mouthpieces allow a great flavor profile for your herbs, but it also connects to a water pipe. The water pipe connection will only enhance your sessions with extra filtration and allow you to use your vaporizer in different ways than others.


1. Long battery

2. Very well built and reliable

3. Can use with a bong

4. Quick heat up time


1. Bulky

2. Bad draw resistance

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Best desktop vaporizer

For over 20 years now Storz and Bickel has been improving the quality and functionality of the beloved Volcano and the hybrid is no different. It offers both the whip and balloon, fats heat up, a long lasting build, and hybrid heating system. The Volcano is the standard of all desktop vaporizers.


Volcano Hybrid

Quick heat up

The Volcano has a temperature range between 104°F - 446°F. For being such a monster the Volcano Hybrid surprised everyone with its fast heat up time. Taking between 1-2 minutes to reach its highest temperature it is only double that of the much smaller portable vaporizers, while other desktop vaporizers can take up to 3 minutes to reach their highest temperature.

Design quality

Storz and Bickel can do no wrong when it comes to their German engineered vaporizers. Each new release of the Volcano has always been an upgrade and the Hybrid is no different. Built with stainless steel and a new LED display the volcano hybrid is made to last you a lifetime. Now compatible with the whip and the traditional balloon you will be able to vape out of whichever method you prefer.


1. Hybrid heating system

2. 3 year warranty

3. Excellent vapor quality

4. Built to last


1. Very expensive

2. Air pump is pretty noisy


Best Budget desktop vaporizer

Arizer already makes great portable vaporizers and their desktop ones are no different. The Extreme Q is equipped with the use of the whip and balloon and is great for group gatherings at half the price of the Volcano still with great vapor production.


Extreme Q Vaporizer

Remote control

It comes equipped with a full LED display on the front of the machine as well as a remote operating system. This allows you to turn on your device from across the room and adjust any temperature setting you may want. It has temperatures from 122°F-500°F which gives a lot of variance between your likings, also coming with a whip and balloon so you can pick your favorite way to vape.

Dense clouds

Getting dense clouds will, of course, depend on the temperature you set your device at but even at a medium temperature, you can have big dense clouds without having to sacrifice flavor. The Extreme Q uses convection heating which allows for the hot air to pass through all of the herbs. You will be able to see this as the herbs go into the cyclone bowl instead of in an oven, which allows for a more even heat on your herb delivering great flavor.


1. Precise temperature control

2. Excellent price

3. Great tasting vapor 4. Lifetime warranty on the battery


1. No valve on the bag

2. Frequently cleaning glass parts

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Best Overall Portable Vaporizer

When you mention dry herb vaporizers everyone automatically thinks of the mighty vaporizer. It is a simple to use device that is dependable and will deliver excellent vapor production and taste all in one. It has a large heating chamber that you can shrink using the dosing caps and has a long battery life that is perfect for any outing.



Hybrid heating

Hybrid heating is the use of convection and conduction heating. Using a hybrid heating system the Mighty evenly heats your herb every time. Not only does it help with quickly heating up your herb, but it blows the hot air through your herb making every session easy as you do not need to stir mid-session. 

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Consistent vapor

The Mighty gives the high quality vapor you would expect from a desktop vaporizer now in a portable dry herb vaporizer. There’s no question that you will get consistent vapor clouds from the very first to the very last puff every time! The vapor is thick and flavorful thanks to the hybrid heating system, so you’ll never have to choose which one you want more.


1. Only portable vaporizer with a medical license

2. Easy to use

3. Most consistent vapor

4. Long battery life

5. Compatible with herb and wax


1. Bulky

2. Very expensive

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Best Dry Herb Vape Under $100

At an affordable price the Starry V3 gives you things even some of the pricier vaporizers cannot. It gives haptic feedback when it has reached the set temperature, comes with a removable battery, and has an LED screen. Don't underestimate it because of the price point the Starry V3  can also give off some tasty clouds.


XVape Starry V3

Durable build

Made from anodized aluminum the body of this vaporizer is sure not to chip, flake, or peel. Anodized aluminum is much more durable than the average plastic vaporizers that are on the market especially for the great price, and is much lighter than other materials like stainless steel making it a perfect portable vape. Not only is the body made tough so it the mouthpiece as it is made from zirconia and is magnetic to the body of the vaporizer.

Haptic feedback

The newest version of the Starry has welcomed haptic feedback. This may not seem like such a big deal but it helps as you no longer need to watch your vaporizer heat up. The haptic feedback will give a slight vibration when the vaporizer has reached the set temperature informing you that it is warm and ready to use.


1. Removable 18650 battery

2. Precise temperature control

3. Can be used with dry herb and concentrates

4. Comfortable to hold


1. Can get hot after long use

2. No milky clouds

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Best Vaporizer Under $50

There is usually not too much to expect from affordable dry herb vaporizers, well that's where the Evolve D plus differs. Not only does it have a dual coil which you will find in most of the affordable vaporizers, but it has a small stash jar and functional mouthpiece that makes cleaning your vaporizer easy.


Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer

Big heating chamber

The Evolve D plus wouldn’t be a plus without a larger heating chamber. The larger heating chamber allows the user to put mpre herb into the chamber and get a better flavor profile from their vapor. It also allows for larger cloud production and longer sessions as you no longer need to constantly fill your chamber.


Standing at only 5” tall this small but mighty vaporizer is portable friendly. It is no larger than a marker so it can fit perfectly into any bag and can easily fit into any pocket. Not only is it small, but it also comes with a built in stash jar at the bottom so even on the move you'll always have some herb stashed away.


1. Small vape pen

2. Built-in storage

3. Dual function mouthpiece

4. Dual coil


1. Single-button use

2. Can burn your herb

3. Light vapor

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Best Value Vaporizer

The PAX 2 hits the sweet spot. It performs like a high end vaporizer with excellent vapor production and a long lasting battery, but at a budget friendly price.


Pax 2

Lip sensing technology

The lip sensing technology in the PAX 2 is here to save your battery and your herb. The lip sensing tech will allow the device to know when you are drawing from it and when you are not. When you are drawing from it it will keep your device at the preferred temperature you set it to. When you are not drawing from it the device will cool down slightly to not burn your herb and save the battery.


The Pax 2 is probably one of the smallest portable vaporizers on this list. Standing at only 4 inches tall it is completely discreet as it fits in your hand without drawing attention. It is perfect for on-the-go or any outdoor activity due to the size. Even though it is on the smaller size you are still able to get 8-10 sessions out of it on a single charge.


1. Simple to use

2. Long battery life

3. Durable

4. Sleek design


1. Long charge time

2. Uses up a lot of herbs

3. Regular screen cleaning

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Best Flavor Production

The DaVinci IQ2 allows you to customize your vaping experience with their flavor chamber where you can put in different herbs to enhance the flavor of your herb. It allows you to change the temperature by a single degree and has an adjustable airflow to allow a full customizable session to enhance the flavor even more.


Davinci IQ2

Flavor Chamber

Adding a nice touch tot hie DaVinci IQ 2 is the flavor chamber. The flavor chamber sits next to the chamber and it allows you to pack any herb you want in it for added flavor. Add things like orange, oregano, ginger, or lavender to improve the flavor of your session. The flavor chamber allows you to add a depth to your session and allows your dry herb to elevate its own flavor.

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Air flow adjustment

The DaVinci IQ 2 comes with a new air dial that allows the user to adjust how much air they want with each draw. This allows the sessions to be even more customizable beyond just temperature control. The air flow will be able to allow the draw to be more restricted or more airy giving you larger or smaller clouds.


1. Removable battery

2. 10 year warranty

3. Large oven (0.5g)

4. Discreet

5. airflow levels


1. Slow heat up time

2. On the pricier side

3. Can be hard to clean

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Final Thoughts

The dry herb vaporizer world has been growing and with it new technology is put into the vaporizers. No matter what your needs are there is sure to be a dry herb vaporizer for you; whether it is a small portable one or a larger one, if you want large clouds or better tasting vapo, it could be a long lasting one or a fast charging one. The options are endless when it comes to vaporizers and what they can offer you. As you have seen there are vaporizers for every need, so pick the most important features to you and enjoy your next vaporizer.


Q1: What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are electronic devices that heat up your dry herb to a point where it releases the vapor without cumbusting the herb.

Q2: What is Dry Herb Vape Pen?

A dry herb Vape pen is a smaller dry herb vaporizer that usually come with coins instead of a bucket heating chamber and are much smaller, looking more like a pen.

Q3: Difference Between Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer?

The difference between dry herb and concentrate vaporizers is that dry herb concentrate vaporizers are used for dry herbs and are usually programmed to have lower temperature settings. Concentrate vaporizers are for concentrate only and use a different heating system, usually coils or a quartz coil less atomizer. When vaping concentrates you need a much higher temperature to ensure the concentrate melts completely.

Q4: How Much does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Cost?

Dry herb vaporizers vary in price due to what they offer. If they are larger desktop vaporizers they can be anywhere upwards of $300 and above. If it is a simple portable vaporizer anywhere between $100 - $300 is normal to see anything below $100 are usually vape pens.

Q5: How Does vaping differ from smoking?

A dry herb vaporizer works by using conduction and/or convection heating to heat up your herb without combusting it. When you smoke you need to use an open flame on your dry herb, this causes combustion and burns your herb rather than warming it and allowing all of the flavors to come through without all of the terpenes.

Q6: How To Improve the Vapor Quality?

There are a few ways to improve your vapor quality. You will first want to ensure that you have a clean vaporizer, this will make a world of difference doing a constant cleaning. The higher temperature the more potent it will be, but you will be risking the flavor, so if flavor is what you are searching for you will want to have your vaporizer at a lower temperature.

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