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Crafty+ Vaporizzatore Portatile di Storz&Bickel
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Crafty+ Vaporizzatore Portatile di Storz&Bickel Introduzione al vaporizzatore Crafty Plus di Storz and Bickel Crafty + è sicuramente uno dei vaporizzatori che produce il miglior vapore sul mercato. Questo piccolo portatile, secondo solo al fratello maggiore, il famosissimo vaporizzatore Mighty,...

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
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Vaporizador Volcano Hybrid de Storz & Bickel Introducción al Volcano Hybrid Esta nueva versión de vaporizador  de escritorio supera a su antecesor con su sofisticado y futurista diseño. Es multifuncional, para usar con globo o tubo. Pantalla LED digital para...

Mighty Vaporizzatore Portatile di Storz & Bickel
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Vaporizzatore portatile Mighty di Storz and Bickel Introduzione al vaporizzatore Mighty  La caratteristica principale di Mighty di Storz and Bickel è senza dubbio la produzione di vapore, che ad oggi non ha rivali sul mercato dei vaporizzatori. Con il solo...

Volcano Classic Vaporizer
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El vaporizador Volcano Classic de Storz & Bickel Introduccion al Volcano Classic Este dispositivo es considerado uno de los mejores vaporizadores de escritorio que ofrece el mercado. Fabricado con materiales de alta calidad, lo hace confiable y poderoso. Control sencillo...

Original (Silver)
Plenty Vaporizer
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El vaporizador Plenty Introducción al Plenty vaporizador de Storz and Bickel Vaporizador de escritorio eléctrico con un  diseño único, totalmente portátil. Manejo completamente manual y sencillo. Dispositivo con alto rendimiento, calentamiento potente y sistema de enfriamiento eficiente. Boquilla larga para...


Every industry has a name that rises above the rest, a name that sets the bar and is a must for all true aficionados. If you consider yourself a true vape enthusiast then you know this name already. Storz and Bickel is to the vape scene what Ferrari is to the car scene. They were one of the first establishing companies in what we would today consider the entire vaporizer industry. Since then they have defined what quality is and lead the way in bringing vapes from a niche gadget to a popular product. 

Since 2002, the German giants have been producing legendary vaporizers like the Volcano, the Crafty Plus, and the Mighty. Just when you think they've perfected the vaporizer they go the extra mile and update their devices with a host of modern and quality of life features.

Storz and Bickel dominate the vape industry, and it doesn't look like this is going to change anytime soon. If you really want to experience a next level, peerless vape experience, then you need to add a Storz & Bickel vape to your collection!.

Affordable options for Storz & Bickel

The Plenty

The Plenty is a unique vaporizer in the Storz & Bickel range, and among vaporizers in general! It isn't quite a desktop vape like the volcano, and it's not quite a portable device like The Mighty. Instead, it is a handheld dry herb vape, intended for use with a power outlet, but also indeed to be picked up and held during use. 

It features a unique, power tool-like design, with some very interesting features. One of the first things that users will notice is the gauge on the face of the Plenty. This is the temperature display! It is 100% analog and incredibly easy to read. 

The next thing is the airpath, a reticulated coil. This offers a truly amazing level of cooling, so you can expect each and every hit to go down easy. 

The Plenty features the iconic hybrid heating system, improved by its chunky and easy-to-use interface. Best of all, it features an extra-large heating system that is perfect for extra-long vape sessions. 

The Crafty +

Storz & Bickel are a premium vaporizer brand. This means that while you can expect incredible quality, it does cost more than the average vaporizer. However, if you're looking for an entry model, then The Crafty is ideal. 

The Crafty plus is the more compact version of Storz & Bickel's two portable vaporizers. It features all of the power and vapor quality of the larger Mighty, but it sacrifices some battery life and the large display and controls. 

The Crafty condenses the incredible vaping power of the Storz & Bickel hybrid heating system into a hand-held device. This means that it uses the best aspects of conduction and convection in tandem to create truly incredible vapor quality. 


While it has a limited onboard control system, the Crafty features bluetooth connectivity. This allows users to hook their device up to a compatible smartphone app. This expands its functionality greatly, allowing for a truly incredible level of customization. 

Finally, the Crafty + ironed out some of the problems with the initial Crafty, shortening its heat-up time, and increasing its overall range!

Top picks of Storz & Bickel

The Volcano Hybrid 

The Volcano is possibly the best vaporizer that money can buy. This minimalist chrome pyramid is one of the best examples of vape engineering, fusing incredible heating systems with intuitive analog controls, or, in the case of the Volcano digit, a hyper-precise digital display. 

The Volcano is one of the foundational dry herb vaporizers, it is also the perfection of hybrid vaping technology. It uses the full-sized version of the Storz & Bickel heating system. This synergizes both conduction and convection into a superior form of electronic heating. This combines with the Volcano's unique air circulation to produce vapor that is incredibly pure and potent. 

It has a built-in fan that helps circulate and purify this vapor further, it also makes one of the most striking features of the Volcano possible: The Easy Valve Balloon system. 

This is a great way to enjoy a vape experience. The fan pushes vapor into an attached plastic balloon. When this is fully inflated, it can detach, and the connection point becomes a mouthpiece. The vapor will last in this state for up to 8 hours, making it ideal for enjoying a vape experience away from the Volcano itself. 

While the Volcano is a singularly incredible device, Storz & Bickel aren't the types to rest on their laurels, they have continued to tweak and perfect the Volcano, and today, you can get several distinct versions of it. 

The Volcano Digit is the original Volcano augmented with a super intuitive and precise digital display and interface. It displays the set temperature, fan status, and current temperature on its broad LED display. Other than that, it features all of the features of the Volcano Classic. 

The Volcano Hybrid is an update of the classic unit. It features a tweaked and improved heating system that features a faster heat-up time and more efficient use of conduction heating. On top of this, it comes with a whip mouthpiece. This means that those who don't want to mess with the balloon system, have a more intuitive option.

The Mighty

The Mighty is the Crafty's big brother, both in power and size. The first thing that anyone notices about the Mighty is its size. This is a truly impressive vape, but it is far from a pocket vape.

The Mighty's bulk is mainly made up of its gigantic power source, this means that this vaporizer has a truly incredible range, making it perfect for anyone who doesn't like to hang around waiting for things to charge. 

It has the patented Storz & Bickel hybrid heating system. This works in tandem with its incredible battery to deliver seriously incredible levels of heating and vapor quality, over and over again!

The extra space on The Storz and Bickel Mighty isn't wasted, it features a full LED display and a two-button control scheme. The display shows the battery life, set temperature, and current temperature, so users always know exactly what's going on inside their device. Its precision temperature control allows users to easily cycle through the device's broad temperature range. 

Its chunky design also means that it is incredibly resilient, more than capable of standing up to the day-to-day rigors of the life of a portable vape!

What to look for in Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel vaporizers all feature some of the most incredible heating systems that money can buy. Each of their products is built to the highest standards and is guaranteed to give you years of fantastic vape experiences. 

The only thing to consider when choosing one is how it will fit into your vape style. Are you looking for something portable? Then the Crafty or the Mighty should be your first port of call. If you're looking for an incredible vape experience and have a space set aside at home, then check out the Volcano vapes!

Differences between all Storz & Bickel

The main differences between Storz & Bickel vaporizers can be broadly defined by their general design. For example, whether they are portable or desktop. However, there is an added level of nuance within these categories. 

The differences between the Crafty + and the Mighty include the general size of the devices and the battery life. Beyond that, the Crafty + has a range of more modern and technical features that the Mighty doesn't, including bluetooth connectivity. 

The Volcano Digit features all of the incredible features the classic vaporizer is known and loved for, while the Hybrid builds upon these to create a more contemporary desktop device. 


  1. Incredibly powerful hybrid vaping
  2. Incredible engineering
  3. Premium vape experiences


  1. Luxury vapes with luxury prices
  2. No dedicated options for concentrate vaping.

Storz and Bickel FAQ’s

What Are Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules?

Storz & Bickel dosing capsules are an innovative way to prep your vape session. They are essentially small cans that you can pre-fill with dry herbs for later use. These slip easily into the heating chambers of the Mighty, Volcano, Plenty, and Crafty.

Where Are Storz & Bickel Based?

Storz & Bickel are based in Tuttlingen, Germany. There they founded their company and built one of the first factories in the world dedicated to producing dry herb vaporizers. 

Can I Get The Storz & Bickel App on iPhone?

The Storz & Bickel mobile app can be used with any bluetooth compatible Storz & Bickel vape, it can be downloaded onto any smartphone. However, Apple users may run into difficulties as Apple doesn't allow vape related apps on the app store. 

Can Storz & Bickel Vaporizers Be Used With Concentrates?

All Storz & Bickel vaporizers are designed with dry herb in mind. However some, with the use of a concentrate pad, can vape liquid concentrates. These include the Volcano, Plenty, and Mighty. 


Storz & Bickel are at the very top of the vape industry for a reason. They produce some of the finest devices that money can buy. Of course, the money needed to buy these vapes can be quite a lot. These vapes aren't a great option for users who are making their first foray into the vape scene. However, if you are a vape aficionado who wants to get as much as they possibly can out of their favorite herbal blends, then you can't go wrong with a Storz & Bickel vaporizer. 

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