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All About Shatterizer Vaporizer


Shatterizer - Powerful & Versatile

The founders of  the Shatterizer vaporizer were driven by passion to bring something ‘new’ to the world of concentrates. Shatterizer left no stone unturned to shatter their competitors. The Shatterizer wax pen is a powerful and versatile concentrate vaporizer that promises to give you palatable and intense clouds. The carefully designed borosilicate glass top piece not only gives a unique external appearance to the device. From unique design and long-lasting battery to rich clouds and excellent vapor quality, the Shatterizer wax pen impresses in every aspect. 

Shatterizer - Build & Vapor Quality

The Shatterizer vaporizer is made from the finest quality materials which ensures that the product lasts for a sufficient amount of time. The vaporizer has a unique design that flaunts a beautiful dome-shaped mouthpiece top. The dome is made from borosilicate glass that can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or shattering. Besides its excellent thermal resistant quality, the borosilicate glass also ensures that the hits are not tainted and you get a pure taste from the concentrates.


Shatterizer -  An Impressive Vaporizer

The Shatterizer vaporizer impresses with its ability to form a pure and intense vapor or clouds. The wax pen can be used with two different types of concentrates –shatter and wax. The concentrates are the most potent and purified form of the active ingredients found in a dried product, as a result of this the vapor quality is several times more powerful than using standard dried products.

The silicone-coated jar on the Shatterizer keeps the concentrates fresh and secure, this will allow you to enjoy perfect and intense clouds each session. Another impressive quality of this wax pen is that you can actually see the vapor forming in the dome top, this adds to the authentic vaping experience.

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