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A Bit About Linx

Linx Vapor never fails to amaze with its revolutionary vaporizers. With unrivaled passion and dedication, Linx Vapor creates the most stylish, health-conscious vaporizers on the market. Linx have achieved their mission, but they aren’t stopping there! All products are heavy metal tested, so you’re ensured the healthiest vaping possible. 

The hard work at Linx Vapor HQ has not gone unnoticed, though. From 2016 to 2019, Linx received rightful praise for their hard work. Forbes named the Linx Gaia "Best Luxury Cannabis Product of 2018”. Other recognition came from other vape and cannabis industry giants such as Herb, High Times, and Gizmodo.

The Linx Hypnos Zero, Linx Blaze & Linx Gaia rival any vaporizer on the market.

No matter your needs, Linx Vapor vaporizers are a perfect choice. Stylish, healthy, and high-quality vaping at good prices once seemed an impossible combination. Well, not anymore it isn't.

Said better by no other than Linx themselves, “Vape Smart, Vape Healthy, Vape Linx”

A Brand with a Vision

There’s nothing more relatable than a company that shares your values. Linx Vapor has made it its mission to create the finest vaping options for health-conscious individuals.

Entering the market astounded at the volume of plastic vaping products, a change was clearly needed. Linx took it upon themselves to pioneer this change, and boy did that do just that.

Identifying an issue is one thing, but how was this put into practice?

By limiting or eliminating the use of heavy metals, plastics, and fibers. Linx Vapor vaporizes feature stainless steel and glass mouthpieces, with heating chambers either being ceramic or quartz.

Why Linx?

As a brand, Linx has a lot of appeals. It’s not challenging to understand why they’ve become such a popular brand in the vaping industry. They began by initially focusing on revolutionizing vaping wax and concentrates. Once this had been conquered and praised so highly, they introduced flower compatible vaporizers. Regardless of your preference, there’s a model for you.

Their products are immaculately designed, produce exceptional vapor, and manage to do so at extremely affordable prices - what more could you ask for?

Safer Vaping, Same Quality

Over recent years we’ve lived through a time of change. Living healthily has become a main concern now more than ever before. Companies like Linx are here to guide and support us through these times. They share our same values and concerns which have been translated into their products. They perfectly create products that deliver amazing vapor while using materials that guarantee us safety.

The Ultimate Vaporisers for Travel

Whether you’re dabbing on the go or relaxing at home, Linx has you covered.

Their vaporizers are a perfect size to fit in any pocket or handbag adding to their appeal. There are a lot of misconceptions about smaller vapes. It’s understandable, the smaller the pen the less powerful it is, right? WRONG! Linx has managed to maintain a smoking experience that rivals even the best desktop vaporizers out there. Even the Gaia, one of Linx’s non-pen models, is expertly compact and perfect for dabbing on-the-go!

Affordable Luxury

We’ve become accepting of health-conscious products generally costing more than their competition. It’s a price that we’re willing to pay to look after ourselves.

Remarkably, Linx has achieved the highest quality vape pens on the market at competitive prices.

We’re accustomed to associating quality with price. In fact, it’s understandable why we do so. The best quality vaporizers on the market tend to retail for hundreds of pounds, boasting impressive technologies and features.

In this way, Linx is a breath of fresh air: high-quality products for consumer-friendly prices - what’s not to love?

Linx Vapor Most Popular Products

1. Linx Hypnos Zero

The Hypnos Zero vaporizer expertly provides convenient and powerful vaping like never before. It defines user-friendly dabbing, with 4 different temperature settings to choose from.
Its design is minimal, with a luxurious and stealthy feel.
Perfect for taking on the road with you, its charge time is rapid and lasts all day long!

2. Linx Ares

The Ares is beautifully sleek. In shape and size, it is comparable to a normal pen but this is where the similarities end. This small vape pen packs a punch that will leave experienced vapers stunned. This model features 2 different heat settings at 800 and 1000 degrees respectively. This allows for a truly customizable and blissful smoking experience.

3. Linx Gaia

The Linx Gaia is a non-pen model vaporizer. Unlike the Ares and Hypnos Zero, this is a dry herb vaporizer. The Gaia is super-compact and effective in ensuring none of your beautiful flower is wasted. It’s easy to transport around with you, with a battery life that will never let you down. Its sleek design and affordable price point make it the perfect choice for any dry herb vaping connoisseur.

Linx Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Linx vaporizers worth the money?

The value for money with Linx vaporizers is unmatched. For products of this quality, you’d typically expect to spend much higher. Assessing the market within similar price brackets will prove Linx as the best value-for-money vapes available.

Q2. Are Linx vaporizers safe to use?

Linx pride themselves on being the predominant producer of health-conscious vapes on the market. All vaporizers are heavy metal tested, and use materials that ensure no unnecessary toxins are inhaled by their users. If you’re passionate about vaping the healthy way, Linx is the brand for you.

Q3. What Can I use Linx vaporizers with?

The earlier models of Linx vaporizers were designed specifically for use with concentrates in the form of oils, shatters, and waxes. They established themselves and perfected their craft. They then switched their focus to dry her vaping. The result: in 2021 Linx’s catalog is full of options for anybody’s preference!