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What's special about the Grasshopper?

grasshopper vaporizer

A Great Vaporizer

The design of the Grasshopper Vaporizer is second to none. The Grasshopper  is a fantastic vaporizer, the grasshopper has a great feel to it. The mechanical power button, metal construction and perfect balance are all part of that experience. It’s capacity has a cutting edge, high-tech battery packs a ton of power, this is all in a small package. It has custom sizing and chemistry to ensure maximum run time.

The power in which the Grasshopper Vaporizer gives out is exceptional. A 45 watt heating element means that there is always power to spare, no matter how often the user uses the vaporizer.

What the Grasshopper Vaporizer has to offer

The durability, a machined stainless steel or titanium housing protects the device even in the most demanding conditions. Unlike plastic and aluminum which can show the wear and tear after just a few years. The materials in the Grasshopper Vaporizer are designed for life. A simple external dial allows for precise temperature adjustment from 130°C-210°C (266°F-410°F). This level of control means that your dried products will never burn.

The Grasshopper Vaporizer not only has a great design, capacity, power, durability and control is has also an appealing price. It is an affordable vaporizer with many outstanding qualities.

grasshopper vaporizer
grasshopper vaporizer

The Choice

Quality workmanship, easy-of-use, and superior design are elements absent from many of today’s consumer products. Not to worry as this vaporizer has been built with the purpose to have all three. The Grasshopper Vaporizer is familiar, stylish and durable, most importantly it provides unparalleled performance. The vaporizer is designed for or loose dried products and it has an easily accessible chamber and temperature dial.

If you are in a hurry, not to worry it has a 5 second startup time, it also has pure convection technology. It is the perfect portable vaporizer. 

The Grasshopper will be back in stock soon