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Dr. Dabber has dedicated themselves to creating the most authentic dab vaping experience possible. In terms of quality, price, and performance there are few brands in the dab vape scene that can hold a candle to Dr. Dabber.

When this US-based brand arrived on the scene in 2013, they knew that they were in for an uphill battle. They were targeting a super-demanding audience that wanted no less than the very best from their vaporizers. 

Dr. Dabber rose to the challenge, making innovative additions to their products like super-long life batteries for uninterrupted enjoyment and consistency, even hitting systems to avoid the risk of combustion.

Today, Dr Dabber is an established, award winning brand with accolades from an array of publications and vape industry award shows. 

Affordable options for Dr. Dabber

1. Dr. Dabber Light

The Light is the smallest vaporizer in the Dr. Dabber range. It's a compact pen-style vape that is designed for use with both oil and wax concentrates. It uses the same heating system and coils as the Dr Dabber Ghost but scales them down slightly to fit in a smaller device. This vaporizer is designed to sacrifice capacity for portability. 

It has nearly instant heat-up time and creates an incredible consistency of vapor. Though it is a lower priced dab pen, its vapor quality rivals that of vapes that are several times more expensive. 

2. Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Ghost is the Light's big brother. It has many of the same features, but it has increased capacity and power. This increased power comes from a full sized titanium atomizer. This has superior conductivity and rapid heat up time. It comes with a full complement of dabbing accessories, including a dabbing tool, dab storage container, charging lead, mouthpiece, and full instruction manual. 

Top picks of Dr. Dabber

1. Aurora Vaporizer Pen

The Arora is an award-winning concentrate vape that is built from the ground up for customization and control. It features a revolutionary threadless snap tech design that uses magnets to securely fasten your vaporizer together. You won't need to worry about lining up threads or leaky seals with this vaporizer. 

It comes supplied with a choice of three different atomizers: a dual quartz rod for rapid heating with wax concentrates, a dual ceramic rod for oils that need consistent heating, and a ceramic halo atomizer for denser wax concentrates. All three atomizers connect to a crystal quartz dish that allows you to enjoy the authentic flavor of whatever vaporizer you use. The Dr. Dabber Aurora also comes with a choice of two mouthpieces, a dabbing tool, and a silicone container for concentrate. 

Finally, it comes with a unique magnet charger that clips securely onto the device when it’s charging. 

2. Dr. Dabber Boost

The >Boost is a seriously impressive piece of vaping technology. Unlike many other Dr Dabber vapes, it is an e-nail. This is an incredibly thorough and powerful device that is perfect for concentrate. It is the perfect first step into the world of dab rigs. 

It comes with three choices of nail: Titanium, for rapid heat-up time and consistent heating; Quartz, for quick and easy vape hits; and ceramic for the ultimate preservation of flavor. 

Despite its appearance, it is incredibly easy to use. Its component parts clip together easily, and switching between the three nails is as easy as lifting one out and replacing it with another. The Boost also features built-in water filtration. Dabs require super high temperatures, and this added level of cooling makes your hits luxuriously smooth. Each draw pulls the vapor through the water reservoir, where its surface area is cooled effectively. 

What to look for in Dr. Dabber?

Dr. Dabber vaporizers are designed to give you prime dab experiences whenever and wherever you want. To get the very most out of this, focus on units with the longest battery life. These will allow you to enjoy several long, uninterrupted sessions on a single charge.

Next, you will want to focus on the atomizer type that works best for you. Do you want the rapid heat-up time of quartz or the consistency and flavor of ceramic?

Differences between all Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber range falls into two broad categories: Dab pens, and e-rigs. 

The dab pens, like the Ghost and Aurora, are designed for discreet vape sessions on the go. They are light, sturdy, and unobtrusive to carry. If you prize discretion above all else, then these are the vapes for you. 

However, if you want to enjoy the full potency and flavor of your dabbing concentrates, then the E-nails are the way to go. The Boost and Switch are designed to thoroughly vaporize your concentrates while cooling them down with water for smooth, delicious hits. 

Advantages of Dr. Dabber

  1. Sleek and stylish
  2. Discreet devices
  3. Portable
  4. Incredible concentrate vaporization

Disadvantages of Dr. Dabber

  1. Focused solely on concentrates
  2. Portable models have less thorough cooling
  3. Water cooled models lose portability

Dr. Dabber FAQ’s

Q1: Where Is Dr Dabber Based?

Dr. Dabber is an American company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are a fast growing company that does all of their design, testing, and innovation in the USA. 

Q2: What Dr Dabber Accessories Are Available?

Dr Dabber supplies a massive range of aftermarket products that can augment your vape experience. These include the Dr. Dabber silicone honey mat that makes it easier to handle waxes and oils. The Dr. Dabber Recycler Pendant allows you to enjoy water-cooled vapor on the go, and the Dr Dabber budder cutter dabbing tool. 

Q3: What Materials Can Dr Dabber Vapes Be Used, With?

Dr Dabber vaporizers are overwhelmingly designed to work with concentrates. The main types of concentrates the work with include oils and waxes, however, some units can work with shatter. 

Q4: How To Know When A Dr Dabber Device is Fully Charged

When a Dr. Dabber device is charging, the light on the charger will turn red. When it is fully charged it will switch to a constant green color. 


Dr. Dabber seeks to create portable vapes that are reliable, convenient, potent, and discreet. They are designed to be used anywhere and by anyone; opening up the world of concentrate vaping for everyone to enjoy. 

It's safe to say they achieved this. Today, their products receive widespread recognition and acclaim from news outlets like VICE, Forbes, and BuzzFeed. They also hold accolades from real-world events like the High Times Cannabis Cup and other prestigious competitions. Their devices more than live up to the hype.