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Great Quality & User-Friendly

Vaporizers are incredibly easy to use if you can use a phone you can use a vape. Bongs require careful packing, joints demand a level of rolling ability that few possess, but a novice can pick up a vape and understand how to use it nearly instantly. This convenience doesn’t come at a cost, our cheap vaporizers offer you an incredible amount of bang for your buck.

Our range of cheap vaporizers are perfect if you're interested in trying out a vape but don’t want to go broke doing so. Even at low, affordable prices they still perform great. Whatever your budget, there's a vape for you.

Discreet & Portable

An affordable, portable vape allows you to enjoy your dried product whenever, and wherever you want. Portable vapes are also eminently discreet, you can often easily slip them into a pocket or bag so you can enjoy your dried product on your terms with no intrusion.

The nature of dried product vapor also means that it doesn’t emit any pungent, lingering smells. You can enjoy your dried product secure in the knowledge that your house and clothes will remain fresh and dried product odor-free.