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Why Black Mamba?

What You Need to Know

The Black Mamba’s Design

The Black Mamba is a compact device that is more discreet than many of the other portable vaporizers available. The Mamba does not look like a traditional pen or any other object that you would be carrying with you for everyday purposes. It is a slim compact portable dried product vape that has a simple sleek design. The Black Mamba has just the one button, an airflow vent on the side and LED lights to indicate temperature level and when the device is ready to use.

This device allows you to be more discrete, if this is what you prefer. Just have it on the lowest temperature settings and take quicker draws.

Ease to Use and Discreet

The Black Mamba is very simple to use, its design uses the popular one button interface. This button allows you to do everything you need it to do with different button pressing combinations. The Black Mamba has 5 temperature options that you can set it to. When you choose a new temperature the lights will flash up to the level you have chosen, this will turn the same solid color when it’s reached and set temperature.

The Black Mamba is a small device that easily fits into your pocket for on the go use. The oven size fit about half a gram comfortably which is a bit larger than your average portable dried product device. A full battery charge with the Mamba can get the average user through the day.

Black Mamba Vaporizer
The Black Mamba

Clean Vaping

In comparison to many vaporizers, the interior can be cleaned in minutes with some cleaning alcohol. It has a 65g chamber and because of the size the Black Mamba’s chamber shouldn’t need cleaning as often as other vaporizer chambers. 

The Black Mamba is the perfect compact dried product portable vaporizer. It is a low cost vaporizer, with a smart design which allows it to be discreet. The oven size in the Black Mamba is perfect for loading an amount of dried product that will last a number of sessions. Fully pack your Black Mamba for a seamless vaping experience.