Volcano Vaporizer Review - Still The Benchmark For Best Desktop Vaporizers?

German vape giants, Storz & Bickel, cast a long shadow on the vape industry. Whether you're taking your first steps into the scene or if you've been around for years, you've no doubt heard this name.

Their flagship vape is the Volcano, and nearly twenty years since its initial release, the Volcano Classic is still an amazing vaporizer that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Why is this? Is the Volcano that good, or is all the hullabaloo surrounding it little more than nostalgia and hype?

Well, there's only one way to find out, let's take a deep dive into what makes this legendary desktop vaporizer so good. 

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs (And What's In The Box) 

How much does the Volcano Classic cost?

The Volcano Classic is a premium vaporizer for true aficionados, and it has a price tag that reflects that, coming in at $479.

What can you vape with the Volcano Classic?

Like all Storz & Bickel vaporizers, the Volcano Classic is designed primarily for use with dry herbs. However, a concentrate pad will allow users to enjoy oil and wax-style concentrates.

How big is the Volcano Classic?

The Volcano Classic is a desktop vaporizer, so more emphasis has been placed on power over compactness. It measures in at an impressive 7.9” x 7.1” x 7.9”.

How much does the Volcano Classic weigh?

The Volcano Classic is a hefty device, weighing in at a notable 3.97lbs. Make sure you place this on a sturdy, stable surface. 

How big is Volcano Classic's oven chamber?

The Volcano has a generous oven chamber with a 0.75g capacity. 

What's the Volcano Classic's heating system?

The Volcano is notable for its iconic hybrid heating system. This means that it uses a combination of convection and conduction heating to heat your herb. This synergizes the best of both worlds and you can expect denser, more consistent vape sessions with it.

Which battery does the Volcano Classic use?

The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer and thus doesn't use batteries, instead, it plugs into a standard AC power outlet. 

How long does the Volcano Classic's battery last?

Since it uses an external power source, the Volcano lasts as long as you need it to.

How long does the Volcano Classic take to charge?

The Volcano Classic doesn't have to worry about charging times thanks to its external power supply. 

What’s the temperature range of the Volcano Classic?

The Volcano Classic has a huge temperature range that stretches from 104°F - 446°F.

How does the Volcano Classic display temperature?

The Volcano Classic is an analog device and doesn't have any digital displays, instead, it uses a system of LED lights to let the user know what's going on inside the device. 

Does the Volcano Classic have an auto-shutoff feature?

The Volcano does feature an auto-shutoff that kicks in after a few minutes to preserve power and your herb. 

Does the Volcano Classic come with a smartphone app?

The Classic doesn't feature smartphone connectivity. 

Does the Volcano Classic have a warranty?

Yes, it has a 3-year warranty. 

The Volcano classic: What's In the Box

1X Volcano Classic Vaporizer 4 x EASY VALVE Balloon with mouthpiece
1 x EASY VALVE Balloon with adapter 1 x Filling chamber clip
1 x Cap ring 1 x Normal Screen Set
1 x Air Filter Set 1 x Herb Mill
1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Instruction Manual
what's in the box

How Does Volcano Classic Vaporizer Work?

The Volcano Classic is the vaporizer that defined the vape industry. Before this came along vapes were a niche product and generally, pretty shoddy. Storz & Bickel were the first brand to set up a factory dedicated to vaporizer construction, and to this day, the Volcano vapes produced there are considered the high mark of the vape industry. 

One of the main factors that makes the Volcano so highly regarded is its incredible engineering, there are few products out there that can boast the sheer precision and quality of the Volcano. So, without any further ado, let's look at what makes the Volcano so great. 

how does volcano classic work?

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The Volcano Classic Vaporizer Heating System

The Volcano is one of the best examples of Storz & Bickel's iconic hybrid heating system. Generally, vaporizers make use of one of two types of heating: Conduction or Convection

Conduction can be thought of as similar to a kitchen stove, it directly applies heat to dry herb's surface area. This is an incredibly quick form of heating, yielding vapor in a few moments. Convection, on the other hand, heats the air surrounding the herb, gradually baking the vapor out. This yields incredibly dense and flavorful vapor but takes a long time to reach vaping temperatures. 

Hybrid heating takes the best of both worlds and makes them something greater than the sum of their parts. The result is pretty impressive, producing dense, consistent, and powerful results. 

On top of this, the unique conical shape of the Volcano allows the vapor to cycle and aerate, increasing its purity. 

Loading the Volcano Classic

Loading the Volcano Classic is incredibly easy. To start, make sure you grind your herb to a medium consistency. Take the easy valve filling chamber, open it, and carefully place your herbs in. When the Volcano is fully pre-heated, you can then place the chamber on top of the heat vent found on the top of the device. 

Turning on the Volcano Classic

Despite its imposing appearance, turning on the Volcano Classic is incredibly easy. Simply press the large red power button to activate the device and begin heating. It's as simple as that. 

Setting the Temperature on the Volcano Classic

One of the most unique features of the Volcano is its analog control scheme. Rather than using digital buttons, it makes use of an intuitive dial. You can easily set the temperature by turning the dial to the corresponding setting. The amber light on the face of the Volcano will blink as it heats towards that temperature.

Hitting the Volcano Classic Vape

Hitting the Volcano is another interesting and unique aspect of the device. Once you attach the chamber to the top of the vaporizer, you can place it on the volcano classic easy valve balloon system. This is a small plastic collar that connects the bag to the top of the device. Press the green button on the base of the volcano to fill this bag with vapor, when it is full press the button again to turn the fan off. Then remove the bag and attach the mouthpiece. When you want to take a hit squeeze the mouthpiece and inhale. The vapor should be good in the balloon for up to 8 hours.

How's The Volcano Classic Vapor Quality?

volcano classic vapor quality

The Volcano Classic defined what good vapor quality means in the vaporizer scene. Its unique hybrid heating system and airflow combine to create the best vapor quality that money can buy. It is smooth, cool, dense, and potent. If you are a true vape aficionado, then a Volcano is a must if you want to get the very most possible out of your dry herb vaporizer.

Tips for getting the best vapor quality with the Volcano Classic

The Volcano is so efficient and powerful that it's very easy to get the most out of it. However, there are a few steps you can take in preparation to ensure that you get the very best results. The most important step to remember is to grind your herb to a medium consistency and pack it in loosely. This will allow the hot air to circulate through it evenly, heating all of the dry herb's exposed surface area. 

Is the Volcano Classic Easy to Clean?

The Volcano, in comparison to portable vaporizers, does require a little bit more upkeep. However, with a little practice, you'll find that keeping this device in good condition is easy. 

First things first, you should make sure that the chamber is emptied after each use. Following this make sure that you gently rub the screens clear of any build-up. If you need to undertake a deeper clean, you will need some additional materials. Gather some isopropyl alcohol and soft-bristled brushes. Use these to soak and break up any stubborn grime on the cooling system, mouthpiece, and herb chamber. Make sure that you don’t use any liquid cleaners on the main body as it could damage the electronics. 

Finally, when you have dried and reassembled all the components, make sure you put the device through a heating cycle to evaporate away any residual alcohol.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the major advantages (and drawbacks) of the Volcano:

Powerful, incredible heating system Somewhat pricey
Simple, intuitive controls Large and tricky to store
Easy Valve Balloon system Requires a power outlet to work
Easy to maintain No smartphone app
Solid warranty No whip attachment in the box

So is the Volcano Classic Vaporizer Worth it? 

The Volcano is an incredible vaporizer. However, it is also a very expensive one. While the Classic isn't the most cutting edge or expensive Volcano, it is still above and beyond what many people would consider affordable. 

This isn't a beginner's vape. This is a vaporizer intended for experienced vape veterans who know the ins and outs of the dry herb vape scene. If you're new to the world of vaporizers, start with something less powerful and less expensive. This will allow you to explore the scene without a massive upfront investment.

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However, if you've been in the scene for a while and you want to take your enjoyment of dry herb to a whole new level, then the Volcano is the only way to go. While it is expensive, what you get is a piece of engineering like no other, and best of all it will last you years, if not decades. This isn't some overpriced gadget, this is an exemplar of consumer electronics. 

Who Should buy the Volcano Classic Vaporizer?

The Volcano Classic is a vaporizer for vape experts. If you know your heating systems in and out, have an encyclopedic knowledge of your herbal blends, and have a taste for the subtle nuances of different heat settings, then the Volcano is ideal for you.

This vaporizer is the Ferrari of the vape scene, and thus it is for experienced drivers. If you're a learner, then a lot of the power and subtle nuances of the Volcano will be lost on you, regrettably. This is the crown jewel for true vape aficionado's collection.