The Boundless Tera Vaporizer - Boundless’ Latest Leap

Recently, Boundless released that they were preparing to release a set of three new vaporizers. These were the CFX 2.0, a currently unnamed Desktop unit and the new, fully convection, fully portable, Tera vaporizer. Not a lot of info has come out about this vape just yet, only a few essential facts.

The vape is set to come out sometime in October but it’s already got people raving and speculating about it. One of the biggest rumors about it is that people are thinking this must be the sequel to the incredibly popular Boundless CFV, but Boundless have come out recently and said that it is in fact called the Tera.

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The Tera’s Features

The Tera, because it’s packing extra, removable batteries but also because it’s got a few extra functions than other Boundless models, is about the same height as say the CF or the CFV, but is quite a bit fatter. Maybe to fat to fit into your pocket, but it wont take up too much room in a bag.

The Tera comes with a whole series of impressive features that you’d expect from one of the best personal, portable vape manufacturers on the planet. Some of these were already on the CFV, which is why people assumed this vape was the sequel, but there’s a lot of extra’s that are proving that this vape is moving to the next level.

The Tera is sporting full digital control with that control coming from a set of plus and minus buttons on the body of the vape. The max temperature of the vape can go all the way to 446F. At the mid-temperatures, anything up to around 370F, the heat up time is only around 30 seconds, which is an incredible time for a full convection model to reach.

The Tera also has an aluminum heat sink chamber as well as a magnetic connecting mouthpiece and, apparently, will have the option to swap out this mouthpiece in the future for a glass one, which is a nice touch to the customization of it. Since the conduction is just a side-effect of the aluminum, no extra power needs to be wasted heating the walls of the chamber and the vape also gets an extra boost when it comes to efficiency and speed.

What These Features Do

So what does all this mean? Well, it all comes back to Boundless' first fully convection model and the model everyone thought this would be the sequel to, the Boundless CFV. One of the big tricks to the CFV was the heat retention rings which came in a selection of different materials.

One of their better rings was the one made from aluminum, the same thing the heat-sink chamber is made from. During the convection heat up process, the aluminum will absorb a lot of that heat and provide your bowl with some conduction heat on top of the convection.

By starting off with full convection, but eventually building up the heat necessary for its conductive elements, the vape is capable of great efficiency.

The conduction has been carefully measured, with the aluminum being just heat conductive enough to ensure an even vape across all your herbs. All this together also means you don’t have to keep stirring your herbs, which is pretty common in convection/conduction hybrids, but seeing as this isn’t a true hybrid, only time can tell as to whether this vape can really vape  a packed chamber so efficiently.

Is this just a Boundless CFV 2.0?

When all of the Boundless vapes were initially announced, a lot of the information was held back. Only the CFX 2.0 was named, but we did know that the Tera would be a fully convection unit, even if we didn’t know at that point that it was going to be called the Tera. Given its overall size and the fact that it was pretty portable, everyone jumped to the conclusion that the CFV, like the CFX, was getting a sequel.

This lead people to call the Tera the CFV 2.0 for a very long time. Now, in a more recent blog post on their site, Boundless Technologies have revealed that this is in fact not a CFV 2.0, but a completely new model that they’re calling the Tera. Now, even if this is not officially a CFV 2.0, is it essentially?

The Boundless CFV was their portable but powerful, fully convection heated unit that prioritized flavor over everything else. This was a contrast to most of the other models of the CF line who had a strong vapor flavor and quality, but also made sure the vapes were efficient and fast to keep up with your busy life.

One of the issues with the CFV was efficiency. With one, built in battery and quite a lot of demand on the power, the CFV could only last for around 30-40 minutes before it needed to be charged. This new Tera model seems to be doubling up on its battery power by adding in a dual set of removable 18650 batteries.

This is a massive improvement. Not only will this definitely improve the battery life of the vape, but with the option to just buy a couple of spare batteries, you’ll never have to worry about your vape running out again, so that’s a definite leap from the old model.

On paper, and in all of the press that’s coming out, it seems as if the Tera is going to be the new great, fully convection unit on the market. The CFV, Boundless’ last model, was a flavorful powerhouse, and it’s looking like the Tera will no doubt replace it, but is it a sequel. The answer might just be no.

Yes, the Tera is a portable, convection unit, but it’s also a lot more advanced and clever than the CFV. with a dramatically improve battery life as well as the creation of conduction heat well after the session has already begun. If this vape manages to taste anything close to as good as the CFV on top of all this, you might just be looking at the great, new portable convection vape of the future.