Puffco Peak Review

The Puffco Peak is a new type of vaporizer called handheld dab rigs. They are closely related to e-nails but they are easier to use and convenient, they can be held with one hand. They combine the intensity of e-nails while still nailing the practicality and easy use of vape pens. The Puffco Peak is small enough to be handheld but it's not portable in your pocket, it is better carried in your backpack. You can easily pass it around if you're doing a chain and comes in handy. The puffco peak can be used with wax and oil concentrates. 

The vaporizer is very powerful and can provide you with concentrated vapors from a small amount of concentrate. It is new technology that has been fine tuned to provide the real power of wax and oil concentrates. The Puffco  Peak can be used by both beginners and advanced vapers, it has special features that appeal to both groups, you can extend your vaping session with bigger and full bodied clouds. 

It's different from typical dab rigs as it heats up in 20 seconds rather than the normal for dab rigs which is 3 minutes. It has various softwares that adjust the heat  to have a consistent vaping session without a break. It has won various awards and it is simply one of the best vaporizers on the market today. 

Puffco Peak Design


Probably the main reason the vaporizer is called a Puffco Peak is its shape, it has a conical shape that resembles a mountain peak. It is built out of quality material as it is expected for a device in its price range.

It has a removable plastic cap which is also called a bucket into which you dab your wax concentrates into. Instructions are to load the concentrate in the vaporizer before you start to use it. 

The Pea' has a water bubbler that is mounted to a base, it stands 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide at its base, this makes it a rather small vaporizer that is handheld. 

The ceramic cup/bucket are both connected and integrated to each other, making it easy to use as compared to the erigs where those two components are separated. 

As it is suited for one hand use, it has a single button on the front that has various functions. It has haptic feedback meaning it vibrates after it has finished heating the concentrate. 

It has an extra LED light strip at the bottom that surrounds the base. The base is made from durable silicone and the glass is borosilicate which has high heat resistance and does not crack.

Temperature Settings 

The temperature setting of the Puffco Peak is mainly determined by the load that you decide to load onto the ceramic cup. You can select the temperature level by pressing the button once. The temperature levels are represented by different colors that illuminate from the LED strip at the base. The vaporizer has four main temperature levels depending on the load that you place: 

  1. Low: this is the setting to use if you place a small load. This level is represented by the color blue. The temperature for this setting is 450 °F
  1. Medium: used if you have a medium load, this level is represented by the color green and temperatures reach up to 500°F
  1. High: this is for a large loaf. The LED will light up orange and the temperature at this setting is 550°F
  1. Peak: this is the setting to use when you keep an extra large load. The LED lights up gray and it will operate at 600°F

Puffco Peak how to use

Ease of Use

The Puffco Peak is at the peak of technological advancement making it very easy to use. Here are the steps on how to use the vaporizer: 

  1. The first step is to remove the glass bubbler and fill it with water just above the air holes
  1. Return the bubbler to its base. Once you have correctly fitted the bubbler, press and hold the button for three seconds so as to power it up.
  1. Click the button once and start going through the temperature presets. 
  1. Remove the plastic cap and dab wax to the bottom of the cap, do not dab wax to the sides as it only heats the bottom. Once you dab, return the ceramic cup and cover it with the carb cap. 
  1. Double click the button again so as to engage the heating process. 
  1. The vaporizer will flash the LED three times and it will vibrate to signify heating is complete 
  1. Start vaping. 


This vaporizer is very versatile as it combines the pros of a vape pen with pros of an e-nail. The Peak takes the pros of an e-nail in that it produces thick and well bodied vapor clouds, it does an amazing job yet it is very small. It is also portable and relatively small making it for one hand use, this feature it borrows from vape pens making it the superior offspring of both and e-nail and a traditional vape pen.

Vapor quality

The Puffco Peak has water filtration system and a ceramic bowl making the vapor quality great. The preset temperature settings work great to provide you with thick clouds that are well bodied while still maintaining the flavor.