Haze Square Vaporizer | Will The Release Date Wait Be Worth It?

The Haze Square is a superb vaporizer that has taken vaping to an entirely new level of sublime excellence. This device is everything you ever dreamed and hoped for in a vaporizer. Not only does the Haze Square have all of the best features from the Haze V3 it manages to add a whole host of outstanding extra features that will blow you away.

 Haze Square Vaporizer Accessories Namaste Vapes USA


The Haze Square has it all- a four can rotating plate that can vaporize all kinds of herbs, a small and convenient design, rapid heat up time, and smooth delicious flavors that mark this vape out as being one of a kind. Believe me, this is a portable vape that is at the cutting edge of a vaporizing revolution.  The Haze has managed to improve upon nearly every vaping technological advance to deliver a product that is a champion amongst vapes.




Haze Square Accessories Namaste Vapes USA


What separates Haze Square from the rest of the competition is that it manages to vaporize herbs, concentrates, and oils with an equal level of efficiency. The Haze Square comes with an excellent ceramic heating chamber and rotating plate which, incredibly, can fit in 4 cans of herbs or oils at the same time. The fact that the Vaporizer can fit in all of these different herbs at the same time marks it out as a revolutionary device. 

The rotating plate also has the ability to switch between canisters, and so, this allows you to shift between herbs and concentrates in a matter of seconds. In order to change the canisters all you'll have to click the button at the side and you'll be away sampling another version of your plants. Another benefit of the 4 canister system is that you'll not have to be continually reloading your herbs and messing around with your vape. This system ensures that you'll experience the maximum level of efficiency and enjoyment from your vaporizer.

Many vape pens and pen vaporizers are a let down when it comes to ease of use, but this isn't an issue you encounter with the Haze.   With the Haze Square, all objects that were previously in the way of your buzz have been removed to the deliver you the must effective vaporizer possible.


The design of the Haze is very small and convenient and should suit all users. The outside of the vape is made from top quality aluminum and is very smooth to touch.  Once you have the Haze in your hand it will feel and look like pure quality. When not in use, the mouthpiece can be stored inside the Haze and this will prevent any unwanted accidents. 

A silicone gasket creates an airtight seal which prevents any vapes leaking out. At the front of the Haze Square is a power button that you'll use to activate the device. The temperature settings are located at the top of the unit. A microchip USB ensures that you'll always have easy access to charging facilities.

Additionally, the handy portable design of the  Haze allows users to vape wherever they are. Overall, the Haze Square is designed in a very sleek, elegant, and fashionable way that will be sure to make it stand out from the competition.


The Haze performs brilliantly with almost instant heat up times. The rapid heat up system ensures that you'll be receiving vapes in less than 6 seconds. A vibration system will alert you once your vape has hit the correct temperature. With this vaporizer not one second of vaping time will be wasted in your pursuit of some herbal bliss.

A smart system will also notify you when your chamber needs a refill, and so, you'll never be found short of herbs to vaporize. As far as portable vapes go, the taste from the Haze Square is quite exceptional with superb delicious vapes entering into your bloodstream.  

The Square, unlike some other vapes, seems to avoid combusting your herbs. The overall performance of the Haze Square is quite astonishing delivering you the ultimate experience in vaporizer excellence.


Unlike with some other vapes, you won't come away disappointed because of combustion which very rarely happens with the Square. The reason for this is because the Haze Square was designed by a team of elite Nasa Scientists who worked around the clock to avoid such issues.

Every moment of their day was dedicated to ensuring that your vapes are up to the standards of the Haze quality control team. The technological advances ensure that this vaporizer virtually eliminates all of the combustion issues associated with other portable vapes.  What this results in is many hours uninterrupted vaping bliss that not only will meet your expectations but will blow away your expectations.

Once you get your hands on a Haze Square these unfortunate combustion issues will become like a thing of the past. Believe me, with the Haze Square, you'll come away smiling with the quality that will be at your fingertips. 


So the big question is will the release date of the Haze Square be worth it? Yes, yes, and yes again. I promise you if there is one vaporizer that you need to get your hands on then the Haze Square is the one. In nearly every area the Haze manages to outperform many other portable vaporizers.  

And unlike other vapes that are limited in terms of performance and functionality, the Haze excels in all areas. The fact that you can vaporize all materials with the click of a button marks this vape out as being superior. The 4 can rotating chamber system truly is a sight to behold and performs superbly well. This isn't a one trick pony device but is an all-terrain machine that is taking vaping to the next level. 

Most vapes of an older generation are commonly associated with people problems of combustion and reliability but this isn't the case when it comes to using the Haze Square.  The Haze Square is set to become the ultimate must-have vaporizer of the century.